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Thanks for being here! Hopefully, like us, you've got a passion to buy naturally made, earth-friendly products.

A N N I E - V started as a portal for goods from across the globe that are handmade, ethical, sustainable - or a bit of all three.

You can use our Eco-Directory for ideas of where to shop, find out how items are made, or understand what exactly they're going to do to your body, the earth or other people. We also believe it's important to be aware of how far products are travelling, and for this reason we'll also give you shipping information.

We're now setting our sights on making it easier for everyone to become sustainable and waste-free. See our Zero-Waste Starter Kits for eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items. GIve them as gifts, keep them for yourself! There's a little of everything, if you care for such things.

For the particularly curious, check out our 'In the Know' page for the nitty-gritty on all things ecological.

Do you need help becoming eco-friendly in your home? Visit our Eco-Consultants page for more information on how we can whip you into shape.

Lastly, why A N N I E - V?

Annie Vachre is my late Great-Grandmother. Although I never had the

good fortune to meet her, her presence and philosophy live on in my family


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